Are you ready for Thankgiving?  The turkey needs to be baked along with dressing or stuffing, noodles, pies and cakes.  What a busy time of year it is. Make your menu and then when it gets closer you can start the feast.


Next, are you making homemade noodles and dressing?  My family would not know what to do if we didn't have them on Thanksgiving.  As far as the noodles you can by amish noodles they are good too.  Have you make up your mind on what kind of pies?  My Dad said the was only two good pies ....Hot and Cold.  LOL  Well I hope I made you hungry.  I also Hope you have a Blessed Day!


Thanksgiving Dinner Plate


Okay now, the day is over.  You have been with family and friends...Did you reflect on all the things that you are thankful for?  Of course you should be thankful all year long but now is a great time to do it.  HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE!!!