Featuring #1 Full Spectrum Water Soluble Hemp CBD Oil



Patricia Cole

1.  ZILIS ULTRACELL IS THE GOLD STANDARD OF CBD OIL!  It is derived from USDA CERTIFIED ORGANICALLY GROWN HEMP produced and processed in the USA.  It is made from the whole hemp plant for a full spectrum experience.  It is water soluble and 94% absorbable.  Most CBD Oil sold over the counter is oil, your body is 90% water.  Oil and water don't mix.  Zilis formulation is proven.

Zilis UltraCell CBD Oil

2.  Are you tired of being sick and tired?  Zilis has the UltraCell and thre booster (UltraEdge, UltraDream and UltraIce).  UltraEdge is to keep you focused and alert.  UltraDream helps you to get a good nights sleep.  UltraIce is a anti-inflamatory.  These products have been proven to work and make people feel better.

3.  Zilis has several ways to earn with these products. Starting off is retail, fast start bonus, binary team builder, infinity fast start, long term residual income and infinity risidual bonus.  Not only the afore mentioned, you can earn a Blessing Bonus of $100 per month, you can earn a jeep and Zilis will pay the monthly payment,  They also have Healthcare Bonus (paid monthly up to $1500).

Grand Cherokee Jeep

4.  Zilis is committed to PAYING IT FORWARD.  Every dollar sold is matched with a daily nutrition pack for young children and prenatal vitamins for expectant mothers.  They have a partnership with Vitamin Angels.

5.  Zilis has a Patriot Program for Veterans.  It has been proven that hemp-derived CBD Oil can have a positive impact on veterans with PTSD.  Zilis has a large number of veterans sharing their stories of how UltraCell has helped them.


If you have questions about Zilis  CBD Products, please call Ambassador Jim at 317-796-1308

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