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Have you heard of Moon Lamps?

Patricia Cole

This Moon Lamp is 3D and is rechargable.  When light is off, you can see the rough surface of the moon.  When on, it has a soft light that lights your pathway at night.  To see it, click on www.pacinternetventures.com.

This one is rechargable and it has 16 color changing lights that you can set to flash,strobe,fade,smooth.  Its power lasts for 8 -10 hours and can be charged by computer, a power bank or adapter which makes it very convenient. You can see this at www.pacinternetventures.com.

This next one is 3D rechargable that changes to multi-colors and the charge also lasts up to 6-8 hours.   This can also be seen at www.pacinternetventures.com.  Like I said "Come look you might find just what you are looking for and not have to leave your home.

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