Do You Like Antiques?

I have some antique look-likes that are really neat.  How about a scale that has a clock?  It has a tray on top that can hold a plant, candle or fruit. A vintage-style clock is attached to the front of the scale. The base of the scale is hollow and allows for the clock's battery compartment, which requires 1 AA battery, to be easily accessed.  Just click on

What do you think of this scale?  It is a calendar!  It has a manually adjustable calendar and is finished in a mint green with rusty and distressed edges for an aged look. Decorative use only   Can be found at

Antique Blue Quart Mason Jar is a blue-tinted glass jar with an embossed star pattern design. Item comes with a distressed metal lid. These three items will take you back in time for sure.  They can be found at