#1  Experts say you should make a change in the type of desserts you eat.  Instead of cakes and pies choose nuts or seeds.  However, if you are having a chocolate craving, eat chocolate covered nuts, frozen banana bites dipped in chocolate or chocolate chips mixed in with popcorn and nuts.

Healthy Dessert

#2, Experts say that we need to sit up straight with feet flat on the ground.  Better posture is necessary.  #3  Getting a better nights sleep means setting a bedtime and then  setting an alarm 45 minutes before that bedtime.  This gives us time to turn off TV, computers and phones ahead of time.  This promotes falling asleep faster.

A good nights sleep

#4.  They say that we should walk to every place that is within one mile.  So, If you are shopping at a mall, walk from store to store.  #5.  Listen to your body.  Don't skip meals.  #6.  Designate a no phone rule for the dinner table.  Try it for at least 3 nights, maybe communication will be alive.  #7.  Eat Veggies at breakfast.  The suggestions are a handful of spinach or sauted grated sweet potatoes in your scrambled eggs, grated zucchini in your pancake batter or shredded carrots in your oatmeal.  #8  And finally, Exercise.  Small workouts are better than no exercise at all.